CAN Mining & Engineering Supplies CC was founded in 1988. The company started as a milling company and later diversified into an engineering company manufacturing scrapers for the mining industry.

In 1992 chutes became a focusing point as possible product of supply to the mining industry. The Spilminator, as brainchild was started in 1985 in conceptual form and introduced to the mining industry in 1994.

In 2012 CAN Engineering Supplies was bought over by new management and the name of the company was changed to CAN Mining Management.

In 2016 CAN Mining Management was bought over via a management buyout and the name changed to CAN Engineering Worx.


An American survey proved that in a 20-year span 75% of all fatalities and incidents in the mining industry were caused by chute related applications.

A chute, as a safety critical device, always needs to:

  • Guide material in a controlled way onto carts or conveyor structures;
  • Eliminate material spillage;
  • Enclose material dribbles;
  • Enclose material from operating personnel;
  • Eliminate dust liberation

Each mine is unique and material attributes and properties must always be taken into account during the designing process of chutes. The following must be taken into account:

  • Size Distribution;
  • Lump size;
  • Moisture content of ore;
  • Angle of repose;
  • Static and Dynamic Load that the chute must withstand;
  • Density of rock;
  • Abrasiveness of the ore

Our chutes are always designed for the worst possible conditions and material characteristics.

Making a change

CAN Engineering Worx is a proud contributor to the transformation process in South Africa. As such, we ensure that all our activities are geared towards the upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups and the maintenance of employment equity in our workplace.