In compliance with South African statutory and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment requirements on companies, CAN Engineering Worx embraces the opportunity of working with local companies.

During these endeavors, BMS Cylinders acts as sister company to CAN Engineering Worx, which is being used to uplift the local community we operate in.

The synergistic outcomes of these amalgamation efforts will always include the following:

  • Setting up of a local facility within the greater region for assembly & possible manufacturing;
  • Creating local employment opportunities for the community within the area of operation;
  • Skill transfer from a seasoned engineering company to a new local black owned engineering enterprise;
  • Compliance towards our customers Social Labour Plan, Preferential Procurement and BBBEE codes;
  • Building a new local enterprise that will establish itself as a preferred supplier in steel manufacturing within the region of operation;
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Making a change

CAN Engineering Worx is a proud contributor to the transformation process in South Africa. As such, we ensure that all our activities are geared towards the upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups and the maintenance of employment equity in our workplace.